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Online QR Code Generator

Improve QR Code scan rates with custom QR Code images

Providing a state of art QR Code generator to help create awesome QR Code images that actually work. Forget plain old QR Codes, go for QR images!

In QR Code we Trust

The QRcodeLab team sees room to improve today's QR Code generator solutions that rely on a series of steps to produce plain old QR codes. A comprehensive online QR Code editor delivers superior and professional looking QR codes with better scanning rates. Other benefits include image integration, custom branding, logo incorporation, 3D effects, statistical data, and more.

Which key ideas are at the heart oh this QR Code project?

Simply said: inserting aesthetic QR Codes into images offers numerous benefits. This approach enables both the image and the QR Code to convey meaning and be branded. Additionally, the artistic appeal of this innovative form of QR Code increases people's willingness to scan them.

About Us

QRcodeLab is a team passionate about disruptive technologies and elegant techs as are QR Codes.
Moreover, there’s a strong belief in the potential of full-scale software solutions as well as the benefits of web solutions that prioritize portability. So there is room to drastically improve the QR Code generator software market through full-scale software that uses advanced technologies while remaining simple and easy to use.

What Goal?

Offer a best-in-class online QR generator with a wide range of unmatched features and customization options, allowing users to take QR design to the realm of digital art. Create tracking QR Codes with logo and watermark them in images for marketing purposes or product branding. The QR Code generator is accessible on most devices and offers unlimited free trials. It is privacy-friendly and GPRD-compliant with attractive low prices. No long-term commitment, cancel your subscription anytime.

The Road Ahead

The team is grateful and happy with the success that has been achieved. The software adoption is steadily increasing, enabling people and businesses to create better QR Codes and stunning QR images every day.
The team has tons of ideas to further enhance the QR generator and is committed to continuing its development. The name QRcodeLab was chosen with the goal of paving the way for the future of QR Codes, as the team envisions an exciting road ahead.

Open Minded

Maintaining an open and attentive mindset is always critical. Are you interested in this approach? Having comments or suggestions to improve the QR Code generator ?
Feel free to contact us through the App’s online support. The team will be happy to discuss it with you.

QR Code 101

Here after are some basics to help you get started and understand the world of QR Code and mobile marketing.

Know more

What's a QR Code?

A typical QR Code (Quick Response code) is a two-dimensional barcode consisting of black and white squares in a square grid, usually on a white background. It can hold more data than a barcode in a smaller space. In general, a QR Code contains information about the item to which it is attached.
Denso Wave, a subsidiary of Toyota, developed and introduced it in 1994. Since then, the use of QR codes has expanded to include a wide range of applications such as advertising, inventory tracking, and mobile payments.
QR Codes can be read using a smartphone or optical device with a QR Code scanner application. The information contained within the code is decoded when the device scans the code. This can be neutral data like raw text or numbers. It can also be active data that triggers actions, especially on smartphones. These include opening a website, playing a video, writing an e-mail or adding contact information to the user’s address book. QR Codes are a convenient and versatile way to store and share information. They are becoming increasingly popular as more businesses and individuals realize the value they offer. You will find them on a wide range of items.

QR Code for Mobile Marketing

QR Codes are an excellent tool for mobile marketing, providing businesses with a quick and easy way to link physical objects to online content such as product information, special offers, and other marketing content. With the widespread adoption of smartphones able to decipher them, any QR scan can trigger events and, for tracking QRs, even generate usage statistics!
QR Codes are also a versatile mobile marketing tool, offering customization options to meet the specific goals of each campaign. Dynamic QR Codes can be updated in real-time to track landing page performance, while tracking QR Codes provide valuable usage statistics.
QR Codes are cost-effective: compared to traditional marketing methods, they are relatively inexpensive to create and distribute. This makes them attractive to businesses of all sizes for mobile marketing campaigns that drive traffic and sales.
All in all, QR Codes offer businesses a powerful tool to enhance their mobile marketing efforts. They provide customers with an engaging and interactive experience that boosts engagement, strengthens brand loyalty, and increases sales.

Pushing the QR Code to a Next Level

The old square QR Codes in black and white look outdated and don’t invite people to scan them.

Read why

QR Codes are so Useful

QR Codes are a beautiful work of engineering. They contain a lot of data, are easy to scan, and you get your information fast.

There’s no better way than a QR Code to link a physical device to online content: just scan it for a quick response.

But They Look so Unattractive

Regular QR Codes are not appealing. Their aspect do not encourage interacting with and scan them. Moreover, their reputation is tarnished by a widespread use in the Covid-19 pandemic and mass control.

As they are and unless required, nothing really motivates people to scan a traditional style QR Code. Yet, they are really helpful and handy to deliver information!

A Future for QR Code Generators?

So now time has come to move forward and update what a QR generator can output, to overtake those old-looking squared black & white QR Codes. We decided to rethink and renew the QR Code appearance to make it more appealing while preserving its core functionalities: new and original design and shapes. Create unique QR for you and your brand, link back to you and secure what’s yours, get useful usage analytics.

Switch now to original, modern and design QR Codes! Check out for some creative QR images in our gallery.

A Most Advanced QR Code Generator

Our QR generator software is definitively the most powerful toolbox with lots of built-in tools and design settings.

Offering outstanding features: check the specs

Generate custom QR Codes in seconds with the most advanced graphic features of the market!
You’ll easily design and fine tune state-of-the-art, creative, artistic, aesthetic and fun QR Codes. But still professional looking and meaningful.

What Features Do I Get With this QR Generator?

Creative QR Codes with logo, appealing image composition and better look: boost your mobile marketing and improve conversion rates! Go beyond competition pushing your QR design into digital art.

Do these QR images really do the job? Yes, any QR Code created with our online generator is fully functional and compatible with common QR Code scanners. It’s possible to check this anytime with the embedded QR Code scan validator while working in the App. Infinite possibilities: look at some creative examples in our QR image gallery!

The guest mode in our software is fully functional. All graphic functions are enabled, except for the QRCode content and the tracking features. Unlimited free design, tuning and testing of your best QR Code image compositions!

A QR Code Generator for Creative Ads and Images

Now, QR Codes can go hand in hand with creativity and design, allowing you to rethink the way you communicate with them: our QR generator helps you with the essentials, such as graphical appearance, personalization, image integration, branding and usage analytics.

And you stay focused on creating outstanding QR images.

To achieve this, you need software that’s a real game changer: a full-featured graphical editor that handles all the aspects of QR Code editing, from content to design to analytics. Think of it as a web-based photoshop®, but for QR Code, and bundled with statistical usage monitoring tools.

So here are some key elements to improve your QR Code marketing:

1. A QR Code Generator for Advanced Design

Our QR generator offers an unmatched range of graphic features to adjust the appearance of QR Codes while maintaining their readability with standard QR scanners. Feel free to create unique, cool and eye-catching QR Codes!

Discover the design features

Stand out from the competition using our QR generator and advanced graphic editor! Generate custom QR Codes and play with thematic or seasonal designs. Draw attention with creative and fun QR images.

Combine shapes, colors and logo to create an infinity of unique and different QR Codes based on particular themes and load them with more meaning.
Boost the attractivess of your QR Codes!

A lot of Graphic Elements to Choose From!

Choose among 200 groundbreaking data modules:
Combine them with over 80 original finder patterns that come in the following types of shapes:
  • Circular
  • Cruciform
  • Eyes
  • Flowers
  • Hearts
  • Leaves
  • Map pins
  • Octagonal
  • Rounded squares
  • Shooting targets
  • Squared
  • Stars
  • Triangular

Capitalize on our QR generator and advanced graphic editor to reach the bleeding edge of QR design and graphic composition.
Take full control of your creativity!

Check our QR image gallery for ideas!

2. Brand your QR Code

Personalize and assert your brand identity with QR Codes that truly represent you.
Do so in a snap with our QR generator using two important features.

Learn more

We propose to address this issue in two different ways:

  • stamping your QR Code with a logo, and
  • gracefully incorporating (aka watermarking) your QR Code in images related to your product, brand or business.

Yes. Stamp your QR Codes with a custom logo to increase its attractiveness. People will feel more confident to scan it.
Choose among a large collection of tailor-made designs and popular logo or go for an upload of your own.

How Do I Add a Logo to a QR Code?

It’s straightforward with our online QR generator which provides a complete set of tools for this purpose.

  • Choose among 50 different popular logo in addition to our 200 patterns.
  • You can also opt for uploading your own logo file.
  • Freely move, rotate and scale any logo over the QR Code.
  • Customize your logo: adjust both color and transparency, add an extra edge line as well as a custom background!

Check our online manual and learn more with our blog pages on how to add a logo to a QR Code and what to avoid when positioning such a logo.

2.2 QR Image Watermarking

Sick and tired of having your images or product pictures running around without your consent? With no or few return? We have a solution for that: add a QR Code to your images, but neatly and in style with the most advanced graphic features of our QR generator .

Keep control of what’s yours and use our new generation QR generator to seamlessly blend a QR Code into images you own like watermarks that may look discreet or prominent. Feel free to watermark any graphic material with QR Codes for branding and commercial purposes.

Wondering How to Insert a Watermarking QR in Images?
  • Put beside, overlap or even totally cover the main subject of your images with aesthetic and design appealing QR Codes.
  • Fine tune the color contrast and transparency parameters to optimize your QR Code integration and preserve the image composition and readability.
  • Verify the scanning strength of the QR Code with the validation tool embedded in the QR Code generator.

This also works with a logo QR, adding an extra dimension to your branding.
Feel confident! The shape of your QR Code elements can be randomly arranged and, as a result, watermark stripping tools will be mostly inefficient.

It’s never been so easy to seamlessly blend QR Code with images! Stamping a branded QR will definitely help to secure your graphic materials. Check out some QR images examples in our gallery.

3. QR Code Scan Backlinking

Not only you can stick your brand to products and images with a QR Code but, from this point on and knowing your image will undergo QR scans, such a material may become a breadcrumb trail back to you.

How does it work?

Due to a widespread use, smartphones largely lead the QR scans. In addition, smartphones now host QR Code optical reading mechanisms that trigger actions based on the QR Code content. The far most common practice is to store an internet address in the QR Code to start a connection to a website.

Apart from URLs there are other types of QR Code content that can lead to smartphone actions:

  • SMS message
  • Phone call
  • Email message
  • Geographic location
  • Google Maps location
  • Wi-fi credential
  • App Store link
  • Play Store link

Having an aesthetic and branded QR Code watermark in an image or product picture with a breadcrumb trail will definitely improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. But there’s more, check below!

4. Dynamic and Tracking QR Codes

You are now publishing aesthetic QR codes that represent you. Obviously, you want to know and manage their impact on your audience.
To do this, you need dynamic and tracking QR Codes that allow you to easily evaluate the impact of your QR Codes. QRcodeLab’s QR Code generator gives you access to an analytics console with intuitive tools to deepen the analysis of data collected in real time.
Stay in control! Made a mistake or want to make adjustments in your QR Codes? You can always manage, fix and modify a dynamic QR afterwards.

What’s a dynamic QR Code?

There are 2 different categories of QR Codes: static and dynamic.

4.1 Static QR Code

These are the usual QR Codes, which are not modifiable and nor traceable. A content is directly encoded in it and, if it’s wrong or becomes obsolete, then the QR Code will be unrecoverable. It’s also impossible to record data on how the QR Code has been used, if it has been ignored or scanned multiple times.

4.2 Dynamic QR (Code)

A dynamic QR uses an intermediate link that redirects to a final destination. It’s usually a shortened Internet address (‘short URL’) so it’s limited to the following types of QR Codes: website URL, Google Maps, Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Learn more about what information a dynamic QR can encode.

Big advantage: It’s easy to update a dynamic QR or correct an error at any time. Simply change the final destination of the short URL in the management console.

4.3 Extending the Dynamic QR: the Tracking QR (Code)

Dynamic qr code analytic dashboardA dynamic QR linked to an analytics platform turns it into a tracking QR. Such QR Code is traceable since its creation. It is therefore possible to produce usage statistics (web analytics) with data like:

  • the quantity of scans by date and location with country, region and city breakdown,
  • single and multiple scans quantity over time,
  • the type of device used,
  • the operating system, and
  • the type of web browser.

Any dynamic QR Code equals a tracking QR Code on the QRcodeLab platform. It provides tools to manage the short URLs used in each of your tracking QR Codes along with their associated target URLs. Each tracking QR Code has its own dashboard with real-time usage statistics.

The analytics provided are easy to use, free of deep menu layers, require no custom reporting, and allow data to be exported.

4.4 A Privacy-Friendly Tracking QR

Most importantly, the QRcodeLab tracking QR solution is privacy-friendly by design: we to chose to preserve the privacy of those who will scan any QR image that contains a tracking QR.

Build trust with your customers:

  • no cookies are used
  • the data in transit is encrypted
  • the stored data is compliant with the GDPR, CCPA and PECR privacy regulations and there is no recording of IP addresses.

Moving Forward With Our QR Code Generator

Sign Up

Go ahead with our QR generator and sign up for a free unlimited user account to start designing your own next‑generation QR images right away!

All you need is an email, no credit card required.

More detail here

What are the benefits of registering?

  • Get a free account with no ending date. Forever? Yes.
  • Unlock the content editing for all available QR Code types: web address (for e-shop, image, gallery, video, pdf,…), email, v-card, phone call, SMS message, wi‑fi access, app store link, geographic localization and Google map position.
  • Save, share and retrieve your work with configuration files.
  • Enjoy unlimited QR image downloads!

Once registered you can log in and start designing your very own QR Code.

You will kick off with a free subscription. It’s not a trial period as our registered free plan lasts forever! You’ll later have the option to upgrade to a paid plan.

In free plan a watermark advertising shows up alongside the QR Code.


Simple and easy to grasp: our QR generator pricing policy relies on the image size you choose to deal with. Larger means a higher resolution, a better quality download with more accuracy.

Besides that, we offer several subscriptions on a monthly basis.

Get details
 about our subscription plans

All our paid plans are full-featured and start at the price of a coffee! (depends on where you live)

What Do I Get When I Subscribe?

No matter which subscription you choose, you’ll get:

  • No watermark advertising at the edge of your QR Code.
  • Unlocked QR Code content edition.
  • All kind of QR Code
  • Full access to all graphic features
  • Full logo edition
  • Higher image definition, up to 4096 pixels wide!
  • Dynamic and tracking QR Codes with short URL and advanced analytics.
  • Ad-free QR Codes provided each month.
  • Online support with priority access.
  • Upgrade anytime at a prorated price instead of full price.
  • Downgrade anytime.
  • Easily end your subscription anytime without restrictions. Ending a paid plan sets you back on a unlimited free subscription.

Subscription vs Features Overview

FeaturesFree1024 px1440 px2048 px4096 px
Max Image Size in Pixels 10241024144020484096
All Graphic Features 
Edit QR Code Content 
User Account 
Save Config 
QR Logo 
Ads-Free QR Units Incl. (110101010
URL Shortener 
Dynamic QR 
Tracking QR 
Analytics Dashboard 
Max Total Tracking QR 51020
Unlimited Scans 
USD/month Excl. Sales Tax Free2.493.496.4915.99

(1Supplied QR Codes are monthly and either static or dynamic. Unconsumed quantities are not carried over to the following period.

Purchasing a subscription can be done in our QR generator App in the user’s management area, once you successfully registered and logged in.

How Do I Get More QR Codes?

Having an active subscription but you run dry of QR Codes?
You may easily purchase additional QR units in our online application through the user’s management area.

Quantity PlanNo ExpiryPrice/Unit in USD (sales taxes excl.)
Minimum order 05 units0.35 with nice sliding prices down to 0.16 based on quantities

Purchased QR units can either be static or dynamic.

Unsure of when you will use them? Don’t worry, as any extra units purchased last forever!