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The same universal QR code but MORE THAN A QR CODE!

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QR Code v2.0

There are now original, modern and design qr codes!

Draw attention with creative and fun qr codes, combining an infinity of shapes, colors and logo!

Create unique qr codes based on particular themes to give them more meaning and surprise your audience. Alternatively you can integrate them into images like watermarks that may look discreet or prominent.

Most importantly, by adding a qr code to an image, not only you stick your brand to it but your image becomes a breadcrumb trail back to you or any contact point you might define, usually a web address.

QR Code Branding

Sick and tired of having your pictures running around without your consent? With no or few return? We have a solution for you!

You can watermark any graphic material with qr codes for branding or commercial purpose.

But with our online universal qr code generator and advanced graphic editor you’re on the bleeding edge of qr code design and graphic composition.
It’s now easy to seamlessly blend qr code with any image!


Overlap and even totally cover the main subject of your images with discreet and design appealing qr codes.

Fine tune color contrast and transparency parameters to optimize your qr code integration and preserve image composition and readability.

Feel confident! The shape of our qr code elements can be randomly arranged, so watermark stripping tools will be mostly inefficient.

Most of all, with our new generation qr code generator with logo your images will host a breadcrumb trail back to you, however way you wish! (web address, email, sms, raw text, …)

Custom QR Code Design

Stand out from the competition with our online universal qr code generator and advanced graphic editor! Move forward from those old-looking squared black & white qr codes and have fun with thematic or seasonal designs for your qr codes.

Generate customized qr codes from over than 230 fun and creative models to choose from!

Check for more!

200 groundbreaking dot models!
- Geometric shapes
- Space
- Video & games
- Vegetals
- Animals
- Food & drinks
- Human Issues
- Seasonals: Xmas, Easter, Summer and Halloween!

Combine them with more than 30 original target designs!
- circles
- squares & rounded squares
- crosses
- Eye
- Flowers
- Leaf
- Map pin
- Triangle
- Stars

Add a logo to your QR code?


Our QR code generator with logo will allow you to choose among 50 different popular logo in addition to our 200 patterns.
You can also opt for uploading your own logo image.
Freely move, rotate and scale any logo over the qr code.
Customize your logo: adjust color and transparency, add an extra edge line as well as a custom background!

Our web-based qr code generator software is the most powerful toolbox allowing you to design and create your best qr code image compositions.

Most Advanced Online QR Code Generator

Generate custom qr codes in seconds! Easily design and fine tune state-of-the-art, creative and esthetic, professional looking, fun and meaningful qr codes.

Outstanding features!

Creative qr code design, appealing image composition and better look: boost your qr code marketing and improve conversion rates!

Go beyond competition pushing qr code design into digital art: check our qr code image gallery!

Our software demo mode is fully featured with all graphical functions unlocked.
Try out, create, design, fine tune your best qr codes for free, unlimited!

Sign-up & Subscribe

Relax! It’s all very simple: at sign-up we only ask for an email and password. Then you can log in and opt for a specific subscription plan. You will initially start with a free subscription.

All our plans are full-featured! Our online qr code generator pricing policy only depends on the image size you choose to deal with! Larger means a higher resolution, a better quality download with more accuracy.

Why subscribe?

You will be able to freely edit the content of your qr code:

  • web address (for e-shop, image, gallery, pdf, …)
  • email contact
  • v-card contact
  • phone call
  • SMS message
  • wi-fi key
  • app store link
  • geographic localization
  • Google maps

Even though our demo mode is intended to show all the capabilities of our app, editing the qr code content unlocks when you have an active subscription.

Retrieving your qr code and image composition is always enabled.

Just like you, we dislike subscriptions lock-in! With us you’re free to downgrade or end a subscription anytime without restrictions. Ending sets you back on a free plan.

Alternatively you can upgrade anytime at a prorated price instead of full price.

Subscription Plans

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Image Size in Pixels 1024144020484096
QR code Units Incl. (*10101010
Prices in USD (sales taxes excl.) 2.493.496.4915.99

(*) unconsumed quantities are not carried over to the following period

More QR Codes?

Additional credits last forever!

Quantity PlanExpiryPrice/Unit in USD (sales taxes excl.)
Minimum order 05 unitsNo expiry date0.35 with nice sliding prices based on quantities

What's a QR code?

QR codes are two-dimensional barcodes that optical devices and smartphones can easily read. Designed in 1994 for the japanese automotive industry, a qr code contains information about the item to which it is attached!