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Got a question about our QrcodeLab online qr code generator? We’re here to help!


What are the cancellation conditions?

You can terminate your paid plans any time. There is no time limit for that.
Termination will take effect at the end of the current billing period .
To end your paid plan, switch to “Free plan” mode.

I’d like to change my paid plan (upgrade/downgrade). How can I do it?

my subscription menuNo problem! You can ask for an upgrade or a downgrade of your paid plan anytime. You can do this through your account menu, entry ‘My subscriptions’.
Upgrading your plan involves additional costs calculated on a prorated basis. Once your payment have been approved (this takes a few seconds) your upgrade will take effect immediatly.
Downgrading a plan is done at no cost and will take effect at the beginning of your next plan period.

I want to stop / suspend my paid plans!

my subscription menuEasy! Simply switch to the free Demo Plan. You can proceed anytime and it’ll take action at the end of the current billing period.
You have access to your plans through your account menu, entry ‘My subscriptions’.

I’d like to unsuscribe!

See: “I’d like to delete my account!”


What data do you collect on the Qrcodelab online qr code generator?

Data we collect on this web application may be divided in ‘personal data’ and ‘usage data’.
Personal Data: We make our best to keep the amount of personal data collected to a minimum. Now, this may vary wether you’re an individual or a company.
– email
– email,
– company name,
– full address,
– authorized users emails
Usage Data: For technical and legal reasons, we may collect data related to the use of our online platforms. Some of that usage data, due to their link with your personal data, may indirectly turn out to be to be of personal nature.
Usage data we collect:
– account creation time and date
– account update time and date
– acceptance of our terms of use and services time and date
– login time and date
– logout time and date
– product purchase, upgrade, downgrade: time and date
– credits use: quantity + time and date
– IP address (anonymized)
We DO NOT disclose personal or usage data outside our company except with our service providers acting on our behalf (all our service providers are GPRD compliant) or, if obliged by law.
More details in our privacy policy and our terms of services.

Can I have a copy of my personal data?

privacy menuYes you can, anytime.

You can request your personal data using the application workspace, through the “Privacy” interface panel.
Your personal data will then be sent to you by email.

I want you to delete my personal data!

See “I’d like to delete my acount!”

I’d like to delete my acccount!

privacy menuYes you can, anytime.

You can request to delete your personal data using the application workspace, through the “Privacy” interface panel.
Note that this implies a complete deletion of your data within 24 hours, without any possible reversal!

Are there rights and restrictions associated with images produced with the Qrcodelab online qr code generator?

As far as we’re concerned: you can freely use, modify and reproduce the resulting images produced with the QRcodeLab software, on a personal or commercial basis. You must not, however, retrieve reuse modify or create a derivative work of any of our qr code basic elements, like dot designs ou target designs.

About the images you choose to upload: check carefully the legal rights associated with modification, use and reproduction of the original image. You are liable at this level!


Do you store credit card information?

We do not store your financial credentials.
All credit and debit card transactions are handled on our behalf by PCI compliant service providers. We ensure that your financial data is always safe.

Why are your prices tax exclusive?

Legislation and sales taxes vary widely from country to country.
Our checkout service provider determines your tax jurisdiction based on your internet connection, the data you provide and your payment method.
The amount of sales taxes are then reflected in the amount of your purchase before you make the payment.

The prices you charge are higher than displayed! Why?

See “Why are your prices tax exclusive?”

QR code

What kind of qr code do you manage?

At present time, we manage the following formats:
– raw text, like: “When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be. (Lao Tzu)”
– web url (internet address), like: “https://www.mycompany.xyz/myproduct.html”
– application store (Google and Apple)
email message, like: “EMAIL:[email protected]/Hi!/Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet…”
sms message, like: “SMS:0123456789/Nunc sed id semper risus in.”
– voice call, like: “CALL:0987654321”
geographic location, like: “GEO:42.5/8.5/600”
wifi credentials
– and more coming soon!

The content of the displayed qr code is partially replaced by some asterisks.

This is normal.
To avoid screenshot problems, the correct content of the qr code is activated at download time!
Anyway, the small qr code in the upper left corner of the main GUI will always display the correct content. You can easily crosscheck doing some mobile tagging.

I’d like to use a short URL!

QRcodeLab - online qr code generator - content widgetFeel free to use a free online service like tinyURL and paste the resulting short URL in the qr code content drop-down menu.

Is it possible to manage metrics with my qr codes?

QRcodeLab - online qr code generator - content widgetFeature coming soon!
Meanwhile you can rely on one of many existing online services which provide metrics centered functionalities related with :
– branded short links
– smart (or dynamic) links
– landing page management (lead generation, survey, A/B testing, …)
– retargeting pixels
Loosely and uncomplete: Google or Facebook ads management console, Firebase Dynamic Links (Google), rebrandly, capsulink, hootsuite, prettylink, bit.ly, bl.ink, tr.im, delivr.com, tiny.cc, …
Simply paste the URL provided by your provider in the qr code content drop-down menu.
Before downloading your qr code image, check everyting’s working fine on your metrics platform by scanning the tiny reference qr code on the upper left side of the menu!

I’d like to use my qr code with an existing marketing campaign! (trailing URL)

QRcodeLab - online qr code generator - content widgetSimply add the trailing code of your marketing campaign in the qr code content drop-down menu (“?utm” or whatever required by your online analytic tool).
Something like: “https://www.mywebshop.xyz/campaign01.html/?utm_source=december6-newsletter&utm_medium=qrcode&utm_campaign=my-first-campaign”
As those trailing data can get lengthy, consider using a URL shortener! (see “I’d like to use a short URL” topic)
As a measure of precaution and before downloading your qr code image, scan the tiny reference qr code on the upper left of the qr code content menu with your mobile phone and check if your campain settings are working correctly!

What about other “2D” matrix codes like: datamatrix, maxicode, azteccode, dotcode?

Coming soon!

Your dots / targets design do not suit me!

support iconSend us your suggestions through the webapp integrated support.
Although, be aware results are not guaranteed as many design forms disrupt the decryption algorithm.

Do you really want a unique qr code design?
Contact us for an offer, through our webapp integrated support!


I lost the image I just downloaded!

retrieve image menuWe do not store your images on our servers!
But you can recover your last downloaded image you created. It is available in your browser data and you can access it through your account menu, entry ‘Retrieve previous image’.
Be aware this works only while your current user session remains active (same machine, same browser and same user session). Locally stored data using the browser cache are deleted at logout!

I’d like to create an image with a resolution higher than 4096 pixels!

Sorry, a higher size than 4096px is not possible at present time with our QrcodeLab online qr code generator.
Workaround: try to upload only a portion of the original image. Once you managed to place your qr code,  perform a download of the resulting image (preferably in png image format).
Then use an image editor (like Gimp) to re-compose the entire image with the downloaded image portion containing the qr code.
support iconOtherwise, contact us for an offer through our webapp integrated support.

Can I place several qr codes on the same image?

At present time… we don’t provide such a functionality in our online qr code generator!
But you can achieve this goal through an iterative process, each time downloading the resulting image with an additional qr code (preferably in png image format) and uploading again to add another qr code.
support iconFor special needs, contact us for an offer through our webapp integrated support.

Can I process image collections at the same time?

Not yet! Feature coming soon!


What operating systems are supported?

Full support:
– Windows 10
– Linux (Ubuntu LTS 16.04 & 18.04, CentOS and RedHat 7 & up)
– Mac OSX 14 & up
Partial support:
– Android 8 & up
– ChromeOS 77 & up
– IOS 13 & up

What browsers are supported?

Full support for latest stable version of:
– Firefox
Partial support for latest stable version of:
– Chrome: the 3D perspective transform tool is not supported. Do not activate the Lite Browsing Mode
– Edge: since june 2020 the Edge browser is based on the Chromium browser engine. Refer to the Chrome browser limitations.
– Safari: the 3D perspective transform tool is not supported. No blur effect on the qr code dots. Plan a lot of RAM memory (≥32Gb) to avoid memory swaps, waiting times and untimely page reloads that will make you lose unsaved jobs!
No support:
– Chromium
– IExplorer 11
– Opera


It’d be nice to be able to tag my images directly when I upload them from my website/ecommerce platform.

Yep, coming soon!

I’d like to have an account with several users (corporate license model). How to do this?

Feature coming soon!
Although you can have multiple session running at the same time on several computers, we discourage you to do so and disclose your credentials. Please refer to our terms of use and service.

Don’t find your question listed here? Contact us with a click on our support icon →→→ support icon