New Feature: Save/Restore QR Code Designs

Ready-Made QR Code Design

online qr code generator - easter theme QR code with young girl and bunny earsWe have many development ideas for the QR code generator and advanced graphic editor.

Among them, there is, for the visitors of our website, the possibility to start the web application with a ready‑made QR code graphic composition. Indeed, we had some feedbacks pointing out that it could be difficult to approach the graphical designs we put forward on the website image gallery, especially if it’s in ‘first try and discovery’ mode.

A kind of ‘I want the same’ syndrome 😁

Button ‘Try this QR!’

We have worked hard to propose these little blue buttons ‘Try this QR!’. In fact, behind the very simple appearance of the button, we had to adapt all the mechanics of the web app so that it loads a graphic composition (image + graphic properties of the QR code + placement in the image) already when opening the application.

Now it’s done: just click on a ‘Try this QR!’ button to open the online QR code generator and get exactly the same graphic composition. These buttons can be used by any visitor, in public demo mode!

Below is a screenshot of automatic formatting for the example of young girl with rabbit ears for Easter QR codes.

QR Code Configuration File

online qr code generator GUI with predefined qr code graphic compositionWe wanted to go even further. The authenticated users now have the possibility to save their QR code composition as a zip file, either to finish it later, to archive it locally on their computer, or to share it with other users.

Of course, we have also added the possibility of uploading these files to restore the corresponding graphic composition.
This allows the registered users to derive one of the public QR code compositions to their needs and then to save.

Check the rights associated with the background images we use, they are mentioned next to each image in the website image gallery!


Depending on the operating system (Windows, OSX,…) and the web browser used, differences may appear in the graphic composition especially if there is some 3D deformation applied on the QR code. Check the FAQ for details.