New Version: QRcodeLab v2 is Online!

Why a New Version 2.0?

new qrcodelab online qr code generator user interfaceWe’ve been working hard over the past few months to release a new version 2 of the online QR code generator QRcodeLab.

Version 1 did not have proper support on all platforms, especially with touch screens. We also needed to reorganize the look and feel of the user interface elements in a more standard way.

All features of version 1 have been kept and user accounts maintained!
Try free is always unlimited.

New Features

The web application now works natively on the following operating systems: Windows, Android, OSX, iOS, iPadOS, ChromeOS and Linux.


We have also worked to make it installable as a native application on Android, ChromeOS, Linux and Windows, through Chrome and Safari browsers.
The install process does not rely on application stores, we use the Progessive Web App (PWA) approach.

QrcodeLab - online qr code generator - version 2 logo tools GUIWe have introduced the possibility to add logo over QR codes and thus the possibility to create QUIRCS (Quirky Quick Response Codes).

As we stay focused on an artistic and aesthetic approach for QR codes, we outperform all other QR code generation platforms with logo and now offer the following:

  • all the decorative patterns used to build the QR code design are also available as a logo
  • a large collection of frequently used logos
  • upload your own logo as an image in the following formats: jpg, png and svg.

We also wanted to offer a palette of graphic tools allowing to play with the graphic appearance of the logo:

  • free position of the logo over the QR code (or next to it)
  • size and rotation of the logo are also free
  • change the color and transparency of the logo
  • assign a 2nd color to the logo in some cases
  • define a logo border with thickness, color and transparency
  • choose a background among various shapes and adjust it’s color, transparency, rotation and blurring.

Of course, the integrated validation tool always takes into account the logo design, size and position and will detect if it alters the readability of the QR code!

Browser Limitations

The quality of implementation of web browsers varies greatly depending on the computer platform (OS) and the browser software manufacturer willingness to implement the web standards. Please refer to the FAQ for more details!